We are introducing a new song at CoH that many have heard before, but as I’ve thought through and worked on the song this week, I have been encouraged all the more to share it with our family.

The song is called Amen (Because He Lives) and is the collaborative effort of many writers, but is featured on Matt Maher’s recent album Saint and Sinners.

The word Amen is a Hebrew word that has been transliterated in both Greek and English and is used throughout the Bible. It is a word used to express strong agreement and is defined in the simple phrase “so be it” or “it is so”.

The purpose of this song is to unite the saints in declaring that though we were once dead we are now alive, raised to new life in Christ, and the proof of this is the fact that He lives. Amen!!!

Though He died and was buried, Jesus Christ rose up, rolled away the stone, and walk out of the tomb. This is the crucial truth in which our hope is grounded. Because He lives we no longer need to live in fear, but we can face whatever lies before us with confidence in his victory over death.

I am truly excited to share this song and celebrate with my brothers and sisters this joyous truth; that Jesus is alive and since this is true, then we too shall live. Amen.


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