In the Great Commission, we’re commanded to GO into all the world, continually making disciples of Jesus. At Church of the Harbor, we take this seriously and are committed to engaging our community with the Gospel. Here, we’re sharing a few practical ideas about how to reach your neighbors, friends, and family who may be far from God.

General “as you are going” principles:

    • During your day-in and day-out routines, be bold to engage new people…cashiers at your grocery store, other parents on your kid’s soccer team, neighbors walking down the sidewalk, anywhere there’s an opportunity. Invite them to church and even share the Gospel. It’s a simple fact, the more conversations you have, the more positive responses you’ll receive.
    • Be prayerfully aware of circumstances where the Holy Spirit is already at work. Listen for people who are spiritually curious or who express needs you or our church may be able to meet.
    • Boldly live out the implications of the Gospel and be willing to share explicitly when God leads (which is much more often than we may be aware!).


Here are a few of our favorites that are enjoyable and effective:

    • Share baked goods with neighbors. Doing so repeatedly with the same people will make an even bigger impact.
    • Walk your dog in the same places and at a regular time. You’ll be likely to run into the same people over and over. As you become familiar, introduce yourself and work to build rapport with the ultimate goal of connecting them with Jesus.
    • Host a Coffee & Dessert Night at your house. Have several neighbors each bring their favorite dessert, and sample each other’s offerings over good conversation.
    • Organize a Coat Drive for your street. People love to be involved in a good cause.
    • Invite neighbors over for dinner.
    • Have a game night. Play cards or your favorite board games with people with whom you’re loosely acquainted…a great way to begin building relationships.
    • Have a Salsa Party. Have neighbors try their hand at homemade salsa and enjoy sampling.
    • Have a weekly open meal in your home. When you have a few people come, you’ll likely find they want to contribute, and giving them that level of ownership will help you connect and will move them to bring others.
    • Organize a Tasting Tour or Progressive Meal. Have 6 or 8 homes on your street make a different course, and invite the neighborhood to take part. You’ll connect well with those who cook and have the opportunity to talk with all those who stop by.
    • Host an Art Swap Party. People inevitably have old art they no longer use or no longer love. Have them drop it off at your house, set up a makeshift gallery, and let all involved take home a new piece for each one they donated.


These are just a few ideas. Feel free to use any of these, or your own (we’d love to have you share your ideas with us!) Either way, pursue engaging those within your circle of influence with the Gospel. After all, it’s to this we’ve been commissioned!