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Pastor of Family Ministries

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Tyler grew up in a small, one red light town in Alabama. Having been raised in the church, he was constantly surrounded by Godly influences who were pouring into his life. It was at the age of 10 that Tyler realized his need for a savior and placed his faith in Christ.

He started becoming more involved in church and eventually started playing bass guitar in the church worship band as a teenager in high school with Jeff Belcher as his worship pastor. This leadership role, along with the pastoral influences in his life, was a major point of growth*Tyler and spiritual maturity for Tyler.

After graduating high school, he moved to Samford University in pursuit of a career as a pharmacist. It was during this time the Lord began to work on Tyler’s heart to lead him in the direction of ministry. Not knowing how to begin moving forward, Tyler contacted Jeff which led to a summer internship in the Midwest. After experiencing a great deal of growth in that short amount of time, Jeff offered Tyler an extended internship where he began to be discipled during the rest of his undergrad. Through his experiences and training from school and while working at Harvest Bible Chapel in Kansas City, the Lord made it abundantly clear that Tyler was suited for ministry and not pharmacy.

Even though Tyler’s primary training was in worship ministry, the Lord has equipped him for pastoral ministry and given him a love for students. At Harvest, Tyler was able to lead worship and occasionally preach for the student ministry. This gave him a passion to see students discipled and matured in the same way that people like Jeff poured into Tyler’s life as a student.

Tyler eventually graduated from Calvary Bible College with a Bachelor’s in Worship Arts and is currently working on his Master’s from Liberty University. After graduation, Tyler moved to Colorado with Jeff and Wes where he met his wife Corbyn Silvey. Both Tyler and Corbyn are excited about pursuing ministry together and are eager to see God at work through this church plant.


Favorite Scripture: Romans 11:11-24

Favorite Book: Real Worship, Wiersbe

Favorite Band: Jeremy Riddle

Famous people Tyler would like to have met: Eduard Khil

Something Tyler learned from his parents: How to dance to 70s and 80s music

Favorite Food: #1 Combo from Chick fil’ A with sweet tea and spicy salad dressing

Favorite Past Time: Playing banjo

Annoying Habit: Saying “like” too much

Favorite Sports Team: Like Jeff… Roll Tide.

Something unusual about Tyler: “I sometimes practice Tuvan Throat Singing in my free time.”

Last thing Tyler does before going to bed at night: Pray with my wife