It is an amazing privilege to gather each week with the saints. One of my favorite parts of our gatherings is hearing everyone singing out and praising the God’s name. When the church sings we are joining together, in one voice, to celebrate the Lord and delight in his goodness. We as believers have rejoiced in our opportunity to offer to God our worship throughout all of history.

So what exactly is worship? We can, at times, have a distorted view of worship. If I were to sacrifice my time and/or resources to do something nice for my neighbor or a stranger, though this is worshipful and pleasant, it is not worship. However, if I go and tell my neighbor the joy that I have in the Lord, which has caused me to do this nice thing, I am now worshipping.

The word worship derived from the Old English, worth-ship, meaning the acknowledgment of worth. The origin of the word helps us to see the true nature of what is intended when we worship. Worship, as defined for the church, is the expression of God’s infinite worth. When we get together each week, we are meeting to share with one another how valuable we have found Him to be as we search deeper and deeper into His truth.

Another great pleasure in this declaration of adoration is in knowing that worship extends beyond our singing. When we are alone at home reading God’s word and we are moved by His wonderful truths, or when our pastor reveals new ideas from God’s word that we may not have known, moving us to shout “Amen,” we are worshiping the Lord, telling Him how much we delight in his truth.

Even in our everyday conversations with friends and family, when we take the time to express our appreciation of the Lord for the great things that He has done, the change He is bringing about in us, or the chance to tell of His love we are declaring His great worth and our delight in it.

I pray that we would continually be on the look out for opportunities to praise God’s name and tell of His great worth. Our worship of God has the ability to lift our spirits, causing us to focus on what and who is truly important, and to encourage others and point them to the great and glorious King.

Wes Gresham
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