In response to the challenges associated with COVID-19, our pastors and leaders have spent much time praying and evaluating the current situation, and have decided on the following:

1. We WILL hold our Sunday Worship Gatherings, including Kids Club on Sundays, for the foreseeable future.

2. We will NOT hold Sunday morning Bible Study, Prayer Gathering, or Fellowship Meals (grab-and-go meals will be available).

3. We WILL hold our Pastors Bible Study, Tuesday Kids Club, Tuesday Student Ministry, and Community Groups as scheduled.

4. At our Gatherings, no matter the setting, we ask that we minimize touch of any kind—please NO handshakes, hugs, or any other form of touch. Let’s greet one another with a smile and a wave.

Some practical things to know:

1. We are taking steps to make sure everyone who chooses to worship with us remains healthy, including thoroughly disinfecting our facilities with particular attention to our children’s spaces, doorknobs and railings, other high traffic areas, and our van.

2. We highly encourage regularly washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, including multiple times while you may be with us, and when you’re away from us as well.

3. The elderly and those with existing illness are most vulnerable to the virus—if this describes you, please feel free to stay home, get some rest, and stay healthy.

4. If you are sick—including cough, fever, shortness of breath, or pain in your chest—please stay home, as you will not be allowed to worship with us. This is for others’ best interest, as well as your own, and we’d recommend that you see your doctor promptly.

5. We recommend that you stay away from others who may be sick, and particularly those with the above symptoms.

A few final thoughts:

It is our church’s position that all people should take very seriously matters related to the current pandemic. It is also our position that we should refuse to let fear and anxiety drive our choices. This is not to say that faith calls us to reckless living—to the contrary, faith in God requires that we exercise godly wisdom in making choices that affect our and others’ lives. We are confident that leaders of churches all across America are doing the best we can to make right choices given the current challenges, and for those who have chosen to suspend meeting, they are walking in the steps God desires for them.

For us, we’ve determined that continuing our Gatherings, while taking precautionary measures, is right for us. We’re linking an article, below, you may find helpful.

Whether you choose to worship with your church family, or choose to stay home, please be reminded that God is in control. When we face trials, the church has an opportunity to demonstrate the healing power of the gospel in contrast to the world’s brokenness. Refuse to let fear steal the joy that’s available to us in Christ. He has borne our diseases, He is victorious over death and sin, and we can rest in Him.

Stay safe. Pray.

Blessings to you all.

-the CoH Pastors