What’s the Purpose of the CoH Gathering?

As a church, we are committed to making disciples and growing them toward maturity. Through Pastor Jeff’s teaching and facilitating discussion, we seek to understand scripture and discern how we would then apply our knowledge to our lives.

What goes on during our Gatherings?

1. First, we have a time of FELLOWSHIP. We are devoted to cultivating authentic community in our church. This grows as we spend time together…yes, discussing matters of faith and our spiritual struggles, but also through knowing the every day happenings, interests, and passions of those in our church family, and we make this a part of every group meeting.
2. This is followed by a time of SINGING. Believers’ lives are characterized by demonstrating and declaring God’s worth (worship means “worth-ship”), and we prioritize this during our gatherings. We have a time of singing together for the sake of glorifying His name and for cultivating hearts of affection toward God.
3. We have a time of BIBLE STUDY. We are a church committed to understanding and applying the truths from scripture. We like to say that we “dig in” to the bible…the reason; there are ideas that are more surface level, but there are also precious truths that lie deep within the pages of scripture. The most valuable of gems must often be mined to be obtained, and we are dedicated to pursuing those types of truth.
4. Finally, we are a church committed to PRAYER. At the end of every group meeting, we pray for one another, for our community, and for our church. We believe God responds to the prayers of His people, and that through prayer He conforms our hearts to His.

Who is welcome at our Gatherings?

We welcome ANYONE! If you are interested in being a part of our church, this is the place to start. We seek to make our Gatherings a safe environment. We teach and discuss so as to include all who are present. This also means you will never be asked to talk, pray out loud, or participate in a way that you are uncomfortable. The last thing we want is to embarrass you. At the same time, you are absolutely welcome to participate as you’d like. Come have a snack and experience the fellowship that happens at our group meetings.

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