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Wes grew up in Detroit and was strongly influenced by Motown Music as a child. After hearing a Michael Jackson album at age 6, Wes was sure that music was the only career that he would pursue. Although he grew up in the church, he struggled with Christianity and never wanted to be a part of it. His dream was to make it big and thought that faith in Christ would only interfere.
At age 19 Wesley joined the Army as a communications specialist. The freedom of being grown and on his own caused Wes to struggle early on in his military career. His lack of respect for authority and desire to live life as he pleased led him into a lot of bad situations. It was not until he met some believers who lived their lives according to the scriptures and displayed joy in Christ that he turned from his selfish ways and began living for Christ. Wes did many good works and even became a more disciplined soldier.
He was even blessed to meet his lovely wife, Joy. In June of 2005 they were married and intent on fulfilling the Great Commission. By December of the same year everything had fallen apart. Wes and Joy were at constant odds and Wes was even back to old struggles at work. After a long conversation with a good friend Wes realized that though he had begun to live as a Christian and work for Christ, he had not surrender his life to Christ or accepted the Holy Spirit’s Power to change him. Wes immediately went home to share this news with Joy. When she heard what Wes had learned she realized that she also had not sought God to change her, but tried desperately to change herself.
Since that experience, Wes and Joy have been growing in their relationship with God and each other. Wes spent thirteen years in the Army and was able to led worship at many chapel services both at his home church in Tennessee as well as at various deployments-including Iraq and S. Korea. Though he never became the superstar he dreamed of being, God has worked on Wes and changed his desires from being famous to exalting Him who is glorious.
In 2012 Wes left the military to pursue an education and work full-time in the church. Wes and Joy left Tennessee and moved to Kansas City so Wes could attend Calvary Bible College. There, God confirmed Wes’ calling to vocational ministry and cultivated within Wes a heart not just for playing music and leading worship, but for shepherding people. Since leaving the Army, Wes and Joy’s life together have been challenging, but they have learned more and grown closer together as they submit to God’s call on their lives and ministry.

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Favorite Scripture: Philippians 1:20

Favorite Book: Anything by John Piper

Favorite Band: Sovereign Grace Worship

Famous people Wes would like to have met: Stephen the Levite

Something Wes learned from his parents: The Wonder of Music

Favorite Food: Burgers

Favorite Past Time: Meeting with people and talking

Annoying Habit: “I’m a loud laugher.”

Favorite Sports Team: University Of Michigan Wolverines. Go Blue!!!

Something unusual about Wes: “I was willingly tazed.”

Last thing Wes does before going to bed at night: Get out of the bed to turn the light out because my wife always “forgets.”